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How to train your German shepherd

German Shepherds are pretty much appreciated around the world because they can be easily trained. Due to their amazing intelligence and adaptability, there is no wonder people choose them as companions. They like to learn new tricks fast and are quite obedient students. In fact, these dogs are widely chosen by owners for competitions because they respond well to commands and have a stable temperament

The first thing your pet should learn before the basic commands is the respect for his master. He can be smart, but he may also be dominant in your relationship. Make sure you show him who the boss in your house is, so that you will prevent any further rude behavior. Whether he is a fast learner or needs repetition, you should always invest patience and time in the process.

Another important thing you should consider is that the puppy training should start as soon as your bring him home. This way, he will not decide on his own what he can or cannot do. Not only will this lead to misbehavior in the future, but also to misinterpretation of your role in his life. When he does something you are not content with, react properly and he will distinguish between good and bad habits.

It is essential that you expose your canine partner to many social situations. The German shepherd is generally very protective of his owner and the friends in the same household. That means he might turn aggressive to foreigners and other animals. You must constantly offer him experiences with friendly people. This will help him tell apart the approved individuals from the disapproved ones and will identity abnormal actions.

As the German shepherd is rather willing to please his master and is savvy, he can be trained by everyone. Although at first it can be tricky because he has plenty of energy, persevere with his education and offer him positive motivation techniques. Show him you care and support his good actions. Teach your lovely friend anything you want and make your training sessions fun!